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The “Međed” (Bear) Fountain

    To the left and right of the “Međed” fountain were two large sinks where the cattle drank. The fountain was probably built soon after the water pipeline in the first half of the 15th century.

    Today, “Međed” is the only visible memory of Tabor, through which passed numerous caravans and herds. Tabor is no longer visible, vanished under buildings, parking lots and cars.

Han and Čardak

    In the forest of buildings in Ploče, there stand the so-called Han and Čardak, once an integral part of Tabor. Han and Čardak, an elongated single-story and a two-story building, built next to each other, were designed to accommodate merchants who passed the quarantine. However, Han and Čardak were more often used as a place for quarantine, namely, a lazaretto.